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What Folks Are Saying about Elie's Spiritual Treasures Word Searches

People young and old just love Elie’s Spiritual Treasures Bible Word Searches! Here’s what they have to say:

“I simply love Elie’s ‘Spiritual Treasures’…such a wonderful bible study source. I can’t wait for her next book! Best puzzle book ever!!”

“I really love reading and working my word search puzzle book. Once I start, I don’t want to stop. It is such a wonderful book. I am looking forward to getting the new releases of the series.

“I have given one to my grandchildren who love puzzle books. What a better way to help them learn the Bible and get to know who God is with this awesome fun tool. With all the games and books that children are exposed to, this is the best book I have ever seen. It is put together so that it is easy to read and is very attractive. I praise God for using Elie to create it. Thanks, Elie for listening to His voice.”

“We ourselves have grown in our faith through the pages of your book and have shared a copy with family and friends, as well. May God richly bless you for sharing with us!”

“I love this book! What better way to pass time than learning about the Bible in such a unique way! It is perfect for all ages, plus you get your daily devotional out of the way as well! Everyone will be blessed by this book!”

“Elie’s hard work and prayers have definitely paid off! Her desire to have people come in contact with the God of the Bible is a testimony in itself. The fruit of her work is something my family and I will forever treasure! Thanks Elie! Bible + fun puzzle = awesomeness!!!”

“I remember so well the day that Elie told me about the new book she was working on. Her excitement at sharing God’s Word with her family and friends was infinite, just like God’s love for us. I am so proud of her for following her dream and not giving up when things got tough. Elie is an inspiration to many and I cannot wait to see what else her future holds.”

“I have always loved doing word search puzzles, now I can do them and read scripture at the same time. I really enjoy this book and can share it with my granddaughters playing our game of reading and working on this unique book and seeing who can find the words first!”

“I want to thank Elie for her hard work and dedication to present the Word of God in a very unique and inspiring way. What an interesting twist on entering the story of salvation “one puzzle at a time.” I think many will come to benefit from this endeavor of love. Not only will their minds be engaged as they search the puzzle for words, but their hearts will be open to receiving the living Word of God. What a “holy” leisure activity to pass the time. Be blessed as you read and may the Word of God dwell richly in your heart.”
David Berger, former priest at St. Michael’s Catholic Church, Cuero, TX

“What a fun way to get into the Bible. We know that mental exercises are important to help the mind stay active. Now, Elie has given us a fun way to get our minds active and engaged in the Bible by doing word search puzzles. I believe she has found a way to help people rediscover the joy of reading Scripture.”
Pastor Glenn Robertson at First Baptist Church, Cuero, TX

“This book is a unique and creative approach to encouraging the reading of the Bible. Doing word searches is fun, and combining word search with Bible reading provides an interesting and engaging way to read the Bible. It makes the Bible come alive in a new and different way. Thanks, Elie, for giving us such a wonderful book.”
Don Snyder, former pastor at First United Methodist Church, Cuero, TX

“These puzzles truly are a great way to engage with Bible texts in an engaging and fun way. They are great Christian education supplements for any congregation, family, or individual. They can be used with children, elderly, and everyone in between. I believe the Lord is pleased as we spend time in holy Scripture; this can help do that.”
Reverend Bill Cotman at First Presbyterian Church, Cuero, TX

“What a great way to encourage people to read the Bible! Elie’s word puzzles for churches that use a common lectionary will reinforce the lessons for that Sunday and provide a fun exercise for all ages. They are so engaging that preachers may want to wait until after the service to hand them out. I highly recommend it.”
Eric Fenton, former reverend at Grace Episcopal Church, Cuero, TX

“As a pastor, I am excited to report that this series of biblical word searches is a spiritual treasure. Elie’s goal is to move people closer to God. She is accomplishing this goal admirably by inviting people to read the Bible “one word search at a time.” What fun! This truly is an innovative way to make productive use of those spare moments of time that are gifts from God.”
Karl Biermann, former pastor at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, Cuero, TX

Fun while you learn!

Who doesn't love a good word search puzzle? What if you could combine exercising your mind with growing in your relationship with God as you Study His Word? Now you can with Elie's Spiritual Treasures Bible Word Search Puzzle Books!

I simply love Elie's Spiritual Treasures... such a wonderful Bible study source. I can’t wait for her next book. Best puzzle book ever!!


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